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first things first

First Things First

First things first
Read your school information
Practice your English
Travel arrangements
Financial arrangements
Contact Chinese students
Medical, dental, vision exam
Health and accident insurance
A pre-departure checklist
On arrival

Being admitted to a U.S. college or university and getting an American visa are the first steps in a major development in your life. Your preparation for this experience began when you applied for admission to the school and for the visa.

The next steps take place while you are still in China. "First Things First" is about things you can do before leaving China in order to better prepare yourself for your new life. It is also about things you should do as soon as possible after arriving in the United States.

"First Things First" contains much information and many suggestions. You may not be able to follow all the suggestions because you will be busy. But, the more you can follow, the better.

The topics in "First Things First" are these :

  1. Read Your School's Information
  2. Practice Your English
  3. Make Travel Arrangements
  4. Make Financial Arrangements
  5. Contact Your School's Chinese Student Association
  6. Obtain Medical, Dental, and Vision Examinations
  7. Pack Properly
  8. Arrange for Housing
  9. Purchase Health and Accident Insurance
  10. A Pre-departure Checklist
  11. Reflect
  12. On Arrival
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