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Why Choose AIEF


AIEF has been in the industry since 1992. Over the years the foundation has developed insight, strategic relationships, knowledge, and understanding into our education fairs. AIEF strives to provide the most conducive platform between institutions and prospective students.

Along with providing favorable environments and venues for recruiting purposes, AIEF also works to source the most eager and ambitious students to our events. This is done through extensive marketing practices including but not limited to:

Local TV Advertisements, Radio, Social Media, Press Releases, Newsletters, Banner Advertisements, School visits and promotions,  Mobile Ads, Email campaigns.

AIEF has worked with hundreds of US institutions from middle and high schools all the way up to up to community colleges, universities, graduate schools, as well as specialized schools and agencies. We have hosted tens of thousands of prospective students at our events over the years. Schools that AIEF has hosted at the education fairs include: University of California Berkeley, Virginia Tech, University of Missouri, New York University (NYU), California State University Los Angeles, New York Film Academy, Arizona State University, Gonzaga University, University of Delaware, University of California Davis, and hundreds more.

Finally, AIEF has a highly dedicated staff who works each day to ensure your experience at our events is an enjoyable and successful one. For more information about future fairs, feel free to contact us.

Mar 18, 2017 to Mar 19, 2017
The Spring 2017 AIEF Education Fair in Taiwan will be held in Taipei on March 18th and 19th read more
Mar 25, 2017 to Mar 26, 2017
The Spring 2017 AIEF Education Fair in Korea will be held in Seoul on March 25th and 26th read more